The Hiking Day


Discover our beautiful mountain paths

Join us this summer on a week-long epic journey into the heart of Sweden where we will hike amidst sparkling blue alpine lakes and stunning wildflowers, crumbling glaciers, surging canyons, and snowcapped peaks! You will explore the best lakes and the  National Park and then on to the world-famous park, the most beautiful drive in the world! Aside from hiking to gorgeous places, we will enjoy canoe trips on beautiful lakes and rivers, bike rides, gondola & chairlift rides to scenic viewpoints, and more!

If you’re a home owner looking to move on, we will come and carry out a free, no-obligation valuation on your property at a time of day that’s suitable for you. If you then make the decision to use us to market your property, we will also advise you on the best way to present it so that you get a quick sale or rental at the right price.

This six-day tour includes the absolute best-of-the-best hiking trails (over a dozen guided hikes lead by John Doe) and scenery in Sweden such as Lake Hostrund, Lemm Lake, driving to the Jord Icefield and walking on top of the Astamm Glacier!

This trip is open to teens and adults in seasoned hiking condition who can handle between 6-10 miles of hiking a day at a steady, but relaxing pace which will give you time to enjoy the scenery, take pictures, relax at specific stopping points, and get to know the others in our group.

Are you all getting out for a few winter hikes? If not, you should. The Wasatch mountains look completely different in winter.